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Design Clients
Pennsylvania Council of Children, Youth & Family Services
Bernadette M. Bianchi, Executive Director

“Having worked with Donna for years on a variety of projects, I have come to value her professional skills, creativity, sense of humor, patience, and ability to make ideas and concepts concrete presentations. Whether it's drafting, editing, or fine tuning our input, her creations have always resulted in presentations that we are proud to share with our members, stakeholders, and public officials. Her efforts enhance the work we do.”

Cammarata Professional Services, LLC
Bill Cammarata, Owner

"Starting a new consulting business in a very overcrowded field required a marketing brochure that was focused on potential customer needs and was both visually engaging and professionally polished. DG Design and Photography provided both the content guidance and design expertise needed for an excellent product that helped me start and grow my business."

Writing Clients
Rabbit Press
Terry Wallace, Owner

"As editor and designer, Donna's concerned about more than 'good quality' or 'excellence.'  Her goal is perfection."

Photo Clients  
Rich Landau, Owner

"Donna, I was going through the first cookbook tonight [Horizons - The Cookbook: Gourmet Meatless Meals, 2003], looking for a recipe for a friend. I read some of the stories and compared it with the new cookbook [Horizons: New Vegan Cuisine, 2007]. I gotta say kid--we did really, really well!!! These cookbooks are just great, and the first one really holds up. We should all be proud. Just wanted to share a happy sentiment."

Hilary Trout
York, PA

"Timeless. Donna took a series of photos of my son more than ten years ago. We were thrilled with her work and displayed many of the portraits. But as our son grew, many of these pictures were replaced by more current ones. However, all this time later, there is one portrait in particular that still stands out beyond all others as it captures and reflects his personality so well."   [ Tomato Boy, 1998 ] 


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